Thursday, May 28, 2009

Guy Lafleur’s post-NHL antics are diminishing his HOF career


Well he’s at it again.

Montreal Canadiens legend, and Hall-of-Fame member, Guy Lafleur was spoken his voice yet again on his former team.

This time Lafleur, in an interview with RDS, feels it’s time for team captain Saku Koivu to move on.

“I think Saku’s time in Montreal is done. It is time to go play with his brother in Minnesota,” he said.

Koivu becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

While he has stated that he would likely not be returning if a contract was not offered by that time, it has to be a slap in the face to one of the franchise’s longstanding leader.

Oh but he’s not finished yet!

He went on to state, “When Rejean Houle (a former team mate of Lafleur) was the general manager, I had suggested to him to get rid of Koivu, but he did not listen.”

Granted, Guy Lafleur is never afraid to speak his mind.

He recently criticized the teams woes 2008-09 performance woes back in February.

His most noted criticism prior, came early in the 2007-08 season, after a 3-0 loss to Buffalo, when he stated that the Canadiens had four 4th lines on the ice.

Ironically it was Koivu who responded, “We didn't play well on Saturday, we didn't score goals, but when a team is number one on the powerplay in the National Hockey League, I think you have more than four fourth lines. Obviously, everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

Koivu is correct that we are entitled to our own opinions.

Guy-LafleurHeritage-Classic_medium Lafleur during the 2003 Heritage Classic

The problem with Lafleur’s opinions that he is not only a team legend, but also represents the team as an ambassador.

It would be like the U.S. or Canadian ambassador criticizing their own leader or population, you get the idea.

Seldom do we hear critiques from other Habs’ ambassadors such as Yvon Cournoyer, Henri Richard, Rejean Houle and the great Jean Beliveau.

They have the class and reputation that an team’s ambassador should exemplify.

It’s a given that Lafleur’s off-ice reputation, away from hockey, nearly matches his on-ice history and was most recently exploited in a criminal issue.

520x Lafleur, his son and lawyer after his conviction of obstruction of justice – May ‘09

It’s bad enough that he has that on his plate. But to go out and lambaste the franchise you represent that put bread on your table and booze in your glass for over a decade is a different thing all together.

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