Tuesday, September 22, 2009

They really think this will sell???

61l0SBDj9xL._SL500_AA240_Looking at the cover, I presume they mean just 10 great for a game Leafs and not the ten greatest. A scant few are legit greats.

Maple Leafs Sport and Entertainment will pretty much do anything for a buck!

Coming September 29, Toronto Maple Leafs: 10 Great Leafs and their most Memorable Games.

Now you’d think they’d really focus on their moments, Stanley Cups, great individual achievements, etc.

Well this 10 disc set is far from that.

While the first two discs acknowledge their Stanley Cup glory of 1964 and 1967, after that it gets rather desperate.

Disc three highlights Lanny McDonald’s winning goal to upset the New York Islanders in the 1978 Stanley Cup playoffs. I’ll give them that one.

After that, it’s seven discs of mostly upset playoff games from 1987 to 2002.

Essentially trying to let the current generation of young Leafs fans know that yes, they Leafs once made the playoffs, an won an early round or two.

Clearly it pales in comparison to recent DVD editions released by the Montreal Canadiens or even the Islanders.

I think even the smartest of Leafs Nation will know what to expect when they look at the cover. Seeing Ken Wregget and Nikolai Borschevsky as one of the 10 greats, you gotta know what to expect.

You’d think Sittler’s ten-point night may have been added??? Just saying!

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