Friday, November 20, 2009

Not exactly Canada-Russia '72 but Worth a Look

The '72 Summit Series, the '76 and '87 Canada Cups, UBC vs. China.... Huh?

Well back in 1974, the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds paid a visit to the Far East to play a series of demonstration games against a group of Chinese players.

The experience was documented in Les Roses "Thunderbirds in China".

This National Film Board piece looks into another chapter of Canada's hockey history as it brings it's game around the world.

While the Chinese squads are undermanned, the players were willing to give the game a try against the experienced visitors.

It also gives a great look at the differences between the two cultures and gave the players some rewarding off-ice experiences.

If yuo have an hour of your time available, it's well worth the viewing.

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