Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hockey Blogger looks to make the Drafted cut

I thought I’d put out a plug and raise some support for fellow Habs fan, and owner of the site Hockey54.com, Launy Schwartz. He’s also a recreational goalie/goalie instructor so you know I gotta have his back for this.

“The Schwartz” has entered into The Score’s “Drafted 2” competition, with a chance to win a gig as a “big-time” sportscaster.

A Montreal native relocated to Toronto, Schwartz has already conducted several interviews with big name NHL personalities at the 2009 NHL awards, last year’s Hockey Hall of Fame Legends game, and other events.

You can catch clips of them in his audition video below.

He probably has an edge with the judges already, with his in-person interviews and creative hockey helmet gimmick, and had the first video to be featured on the Drafted site.

This year, with a new sponsor deal from Toronto’s Just Hockey in tow, Schwartz and the Hockey54 team will be in Vegas again to cover the 2010 NHL Awards.

Auditions are now closed, with the ten finalists to be determined in on July 19. You can keep track of how “The Schwartz” and others are doing on the “Drafted” Blog , Facebook or Twitter.

Good Luck my friend, and don’t forget us little guys when you hit the big time!


The Schwartz said...
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The Schwartz said...

How could I forget anyone who has supported The Schwartz?! Especially like this!?

This was very kind of you to share with your audience Kevin and I appreciate it so very much.

May The Schwartz be with you!

And of course..YA! The Habs Rule.