Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Habs Blogger Digest : July 29 2009


Thought I’d post another look at the latest Canadiens posts/blogs around the web. asks what Bob Gainey may have left to do before the start of the season.

HFBoards has the same question in the form of a poll.

Yves On Habs does a great statistical analysis of the “Old Habs” and the “New Habs”

Eric Engels sees a tough battle this season in the Northeast division.

Lions in Winter does a great job looking at GM’s that are ahead of the curve.

The Flying Frenchmen looks at the signing of Travis Moen as well as the team’s next captain and dealing with the French media.

As always, Habs Eyes on the Prize with a couple gems. First up, Robert looks at Andrei Markov as the Canadiens’ next captain.

Robert then digs up a great read on a truly colorful Canadiens’ prospect from the 1930’s.

TSN looks back at the closing ceremony of the Montreal Forum and someplace else. has an August 2009 Calendar featuring new Hab Hal Gill available for download. Check out the Fan Artwork while you’re there too!

Which reminds me, 3-10 game pack ticket sales for the 2009-10 season go on sale September 5th at noon, as do pre-season tickets.

Regular season single-game ticket sales will go on sale September 12 at noon.

The Canadiens ticket link will have further purchasing details to come and tickets for the December 4 Centennial game will be made available for purchase later. Ticket prices are available here.

And finally….Dennis Kane looks at an…ahem…. lesser known member of the Canadiens ‘70s dynasty.


Yves said...

We're (still) in July... but I think it's awesome there are so many Habs bloggers to read.


Dennis said...

Gaston was maybe the best ever. It's tough, Orr, Gretzky, or Gaston.

YourHabs said...

@Yves it makes the off-season go that much quicker. Good posting and great reads.