Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hockey at the Big Owe??? Is this wise??

The Olympic Stadium in Motnreal with it's permanent roof after the retractable one failed.

The Globe and Mail reports that the Montreal Canadiens will play host to the Washington Capitals at Olympic Stadium.

The 2009-10 NHL sked doesn't officially come put until tomorrow.

Gotta wonder if this is such a good idea?

Ovechkin vs. hockey's greatest franchise during their centennial is a financial jackpot for the league.

But, the crowd in the Bell Centre is loud enough, so does one honestly think that the financial and structural disaster from the 1976 Olympics is a safe bet to house 50,000 screaming hockey fans?

I recalled the chunk of concrete breaking off in '94 and the fire in the tower during a Montreal Expos game in '86, but Robert Lefebvre from Habs Eyes on the Prize dug up a list of several other structural problems and incidents that the stadium has faced since it's first use.

Now if a piece of concrete took out NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, many fans would see it as the greatest day in NHL history.

Personally, seeing Youppi under a steel beam wouldn't be so bad for me. I never liked that little orange fuzzball, even with the Expos.

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Yves said...

After reading Robert Lefebvre's article.... I'm kinda scared to see this game!