Thursday, August 6, 2009

McFarlane Toys cancels part of Habs Centennial Series


Some bad news for Canadiens figurine collectors.

McFarlane Toys, makers of NHL licensed figures, has cancelled two of it’s Montreal Canadiens Centennial 2 Pack Series.

McFarlane began the line, exclusive to Wal-Mart Canada, with a 2-packs featuring Hall of Famers Guy Lafleur and Steve Shutt, and a Saku Koivu /Alex Kovalev pairing.


Three more pairings were scheduled for release through 2009

Yvan Cournoyer/Jean Beliveau

Maurice Richard/Jacques Plante

Patrick Roy/Carey Price

The Cournoyer/Beliveau set was due at the end of July. A poster on a collector’s board received this reply on July 28:

We've run into a real economic slowdown up there in Canada, and at Walmart in particular.

As a result, the remaining -packs are all likely to be cancelled - the Beliveau/Cournoyer has definitely been cancelled.

Sorry the program didn't work out.

McFarlane Toys

I made an inquiry on my own, noting that the Roy/Price set still appears on McFarlane’s site with a November release date.

The response I received today is as follows:

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately it seems the only Centennial 2 packs have been produced so far these are Koivu with Kovalev and LaFleur with Shutt.

Richard with Plante and Beliveau with Cournoyer have been cancelled as of now.

The Roy and Price has been scheduled for November. Thank you and take care.


McFarlane Toys Customer Service

Several Wal-Marts are still well stocked with the first pairings at and inflated $34.99 each.

Considering regular single player issues typically start around $13-$14, you’d be best to give it a month or two and grab them at a reduced price.

While the economy is one factor, a collector friend of mine felt that perhaps McFarlane should not have let off with a pairing of two Habs players whose futures with the team were questionable in a matter of months.

It wouldn’t be at all surprising if some already produced issues of the cancelled pairs manage to find their way onto eBay, etc. in coming weeks.

In the mean time, look at the cool Habs stuff I got on sale over my weekend off!!!!!

P1050375 New winter coat (Pro Image) $60, clock $17 (Sears), 3 pack of socks $4 (Crappy Tire), Centennial t-shirt 9Pro Hockey Life) $18…Price figure..OK I paid retail on that but it was the first one I’d ever seen in a store!

I should also mention that Pro Hockey Life, the one in Mississauga anyways, currently has Habs Centennial merchandise on for 30% off (including jerseys) and “traded player” merch at 50% off.

I don’t know if it applies online, but if you live near a location, you can grab some deals before the 2009-10 season starts.


Yves said...

Too bad about the figures.. but looks like you got some other neat stuff.

And even a rude comment!

Anonymous said...

BS! They will be making them. Rumours only!

Kevin aka "yathehabsrule" said...

Yves: Must have been a die-hard collector! LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank for the info. Kind of a shame.

I am looking forward to the Roy/Price set though, can't wait to get my hands on that one! They better not cancel it!!!! :(