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Their lone NHL game was with the Bleu-Blanc et Rouge : F to L


Part Two of my series on players who had their one career NHL game in a Canadiens uniform.

Part One of the list (A to E) can be found on this link.


fortier Charles Fortier – C

Did he play or didn’t he?

One story says that Fortier signed a contract after training camp in the 1923-24 season, but homesick, and not liking the atmosphere of the pros, he returned to the Hull Athletiques on Dec 14, 1923.

Fortier is still credited with one game played vs.Toronto on Dec 15, 1923 and is listed as a member of the 1923-24 Stanley Cup winning team despite his name is not being  engraved on the Cup.


Paul Gauthier – G

Gauthier allowed two goals and recorded a 2-2 tie against Chicago, in a 70 minute game, on January 13, 1938 after being called up to replace an injured Wilf Cude.


jarventie Martti Jarventie – D

Jarventie played several years in Finland but wasn’t drafted until Montreal selected him in the fourth round of the 2001 NHL Entry Draft.

He played a single game for the Canadiens in 2001-02 as well as 59 games with the AHL Quebec Citadelles.

Jarventie returned to Finland the following season.


joliat Rene Joliat – RW

Rene Joliat is the older brother of Montreal Canadiens legend Aurel Joliat.

Rene did not enjoy the success of his younger brother.

Despite a reputable career with Ottawa of the OCSHL, he was released following the Canadiens 1924-25 season opener and never returned to the NHL.


Roland Lafleur - LW

Much like Rene Joliat, Lafleur had a successful career in the OCSHL alongside his Ottawa teammate.

Lafleur too was signed in November 1924 but cut after the first game of the 1924-25 season.



laforce Ernie Laforce – D

A great rearguard in the QPHL and QSHL, Laforce found himself in his single NHL game with the Habs during the 1942-43 season.

He played several seasons after with the Montreal Royals.



Bobby Lee - C

Lee endured a successful hockey career in Britain where he recorded over 500 goals. He is a member of the British Ice Hockey Hall of Fame.

Returning to Canada in 1939, the Quebec Aces loaned Lee, as a one-game replacement, to the Canadiens on Dec 19, 1942.


locke Corey Locke – C

OK he’s still young, but thus far the Canadiens fourth round pick in 2003 has just one NHL game with the Habs in the 2007-08 season.

He was traded to the Minnesota Wild last season and spent all of 2008-09 with Houston (AHL).

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