Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Greetings and Vintage Footage from Ken Dryden and Family

image Thumbs up to Erle Schneidman and his tireless efforts at

Erle’s site is a tremendous archive of all things collectible that relates to the Montreal Canadiens.

It’s always exciting to get weekly updates on the site, and this week was no exception.

Erle has a stumbled on a set of greeting cards issued by the Dryden family dating from as far back as 1959 and right up to the brothers’ NHL days and beyond.

The cards primarily feature brothers Ken and Dave as well as sister Judy. Other cards feature the kids with other family members.

dryden2 001 imageFor anyone who was in the mailing list, and is in possession of one or two of these and curious to their value, Erle has an estimated individual card value of $40 to $50 range.

Vintage CBC Archive feature on Ken Dryden

On a related note, I was thumbing through the CBC Digital Archives and came across this vintage piece on Ken Dryden from October 1972.

The feature includes commentary from legendary broadcaster Foster Hewitt, journalist Milt Dunnell, Dave Dryden (check out those sideburns) and, of course, Ken Dryden as only he can put it.

Keep in mind this is just after his first full season with the Canadiens when this was originally aired.

Dryden Christmas 001

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