Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Montreal Canadiens Holiday Goodies: 2009 edition

OK time to share all the cool Habs swag that I got under the tree this Christmas.

P1060003 Off the top is the awesome CCM/Vintage Collection Maurice Richard jersey.

The jersey is patterned after the 1955 model, and has the captain’s “C” and fighting strap.

The story to it is that I came across it, at a Play-it-Again Sports in Brampton, a couple weeks before Christmas.

It was on sale at the time but I resisted temptation to grab it.

About a week before Christmas, my fiancée was out shopping, for yours truly, and sent me a text that she was having difficulty finding me something.

I humorously suggested the jersey, but did not expect to find it under the tree. She was actually looking at a Patrick Roy jersey when I mentioned it, did the price comparison and went with my suggestion.

Nor did I expect the autographed Guy Lafleur puck and card (to the right of the ice bucket). When I first unwrapped it, I totally missed the fact that it was signed until she mentioned the certificate of authenticity.

Rounding out the gift stash are some Habs PJ’s an Canadiens license plate and seatbelt cover, the ice bucket set, beer stein and a car-coin bank. I think I’ll use the coin bank to save for season tickets.

Obviously I wasn’t the only one to get a Habs jersey this season. Robert at HabsEyesOnThePrize picked up his during the Boxing Day sales and wrote about his unique experience.

What was your best Habs gift this season, or all-time?

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Rookie said...

It's not as special as yours, but my newly rich big bro got me (aside from a sweet Team Canada jersey) a zip-up hoodie with the vintage leaf-shaped logo on it. I've been looking for a nice women's zip-up with a Habs logo on it for about three years now and couldn't find one until the vintage logo ones came out in spring... asked everyone in my family except my brother (then still looking for the elusive high-paying government job) to buy me one, and didn't get one. Then I didn't see them in stores anymore and I sulked.
Now I have one of my own, and he didn't even know that I had wanted exactly that sweater for months!