Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Farewell Georges Laraque, With Music By ABBA

image Sweden gave us ABBA, so maybe it’s fair for many that Georges Laraque goes to the Swedish Elite League. But perhaps that’s too cruel!

And so, Georges Laraque, another page has turned.

It appears that you told AIK Stockholm, of the Swedish Elite League,  to “Take A Chance On Me”… “Mamma Mia”!

The report even says that “Money, Money, Money” is not the issue, and you will play for free. The team will covered your travel, lodging, meals, PETA (Swedish Chapter) dues, etc.

Since you met your “Waterloo” last week in Montreal, it was a bit of a surprise to see you want to “Move On” to another league.

One would expect that you would help the “SOS” call in Haiti and make your way to the devastated country, as discussed two weeks ago, but “Just Like That” you abandoned those plans.

Why Georges, “Does Your Mother Know” you’ve turned your back on her homeland?

Instead, it appears you’ll be off to Sweden and the “Another Town, Another Train” SEL.

Who knows, maybe the change of scenery will make you “As Good As New”, and perhaps “The Visitors” you oppose will understand your code better than we do.

FYI Georges: “Voulez-Vous” se battre avec moi? is said “Brist
slåss med mig” in Swedish.

I’ll be honest, “The Day Before You Came”, the Canadiens had been “Under Attack” by the bigger teams in Philly and Boston.

“Ring, Ring” went Bob Gainey for your services and upon “Arrival”, your new teammates, media and fans were “Head Over Heels”.

There was something in the air that night, the stars were bright and there was a sense of expectation hanging in the air. You would be the Habs “Super Trooper”.

But alas, it was “Disillusion” when dreamed of you protecting your teammates.

“The Name Of The Game” in hockey, notably the NHL where “The Winner Takes It All”, is teamwork, Georges.

Instead, you “Dum, Dum, Diddle”d around for a season and a half.

“On And On And On”, we winced as you didn’t do your job, either due to injury or that you plain didn’t want to do it.

You became more of a “Dancing Queen” as you looked for excuses or mislead the media with your comments.

“When All Is Said And Done”, Mr. Gainey and the team had had enough. Maybe now you realize now that you could have “Givin’ A Little Bit More.”

“Should I Laugh, Or Should I Cry?”, Well “I DO, I DO, I DO, I DO, I DO” know that it won’t be the latter because “That’s Me”

“Thank-You For the Music”, Georges and “So Long.”


scott said...

Wow, what a terrible attempt at humor.

Anonymous said...

Certainly creative. But tell me you didn't know all those song names off by heart. You had to look them up, right? lol