Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aftermath and afterthoughts from the Habs Capitals series


Well there was lots of reaction to the Canadiens big win Wednesday night. Here’s a mash from all over the web. This is all over the place so apologies for lack of continuity.

Even the NHL has caught on: This is not a “made up” version of the “History will be made” video series.

That’s a lot of pucks!: First off some amazing numbers that I caught via a tweet from TSN’s Darren Dreger.

The Montreal Canadiens allowed 292 shots on goal, blocked 182 and had 102 that missed the net/hit the post. That’s a staggering 576 opportunities over seven games, or 82.3 per game.

Will the Penguins get that many chances? Probably not as they are less of a shooting team.

Big Numbers: From a ratings standpoint the Canadiens/Capitals series was a huge success. An estimated 4.7 million people watched the game on either TSN or RDS.

At it’s peak at the end of the third period, TSN reported numbers as high as 8.2 million viewers watched on either network. That’s almost one in four people in Canada. The series averaged out to 1.8 million per game on TSN and 1.34 on RDS.

I’m still looking for numbers from the US networks.

Talk and tweets from Cammy:  Mike Cammalleri talked to the Fan590 Thursday morning.

Below is a pic Cammalleri submitted on his Twitter account. I’ve never seen a photo of four guys happier to be going to Pittsburgh.


Honest Abe: Abe Hefter and the crew from CJAD pulled off a mini-marathon post-game show last night, taking it until midnight. He offers his thoughts on the series in his blog.

Four Habs Fans look at the chemistry and numbers in the Habs’ upset.

Getting some OT from the CBC: Arpon Basu on the road to Pittsburgh. I think he forgot to pack enough underwear in the event the habs won Game Seven

From the Capitals owner: I gotta give some props to Capitals owner Ted Leonsis, who offers congratulations to the Canadiens and his view on the series. Mr. Leonsis also remains optimistic about the team’s future. Have to admire an owner willing to share his thoughts on his team in a  public forum.

Fedorov weighs in: An excellent interview from Puck Daddy’s Dmitry Chesnokov, who talked for former Washington center Sergei Fedorov on the Capitals’ elimination and next move.

I exchanged tweets with Dmitri, and asked if he felt Ovechkin would play for Russia in the World Championships. Though nothing official has come from the players, with the exception of Semyon Varlamov who has confirmed, he feels all three Russian-born Capitals will play.

Looking at the series from a collector’s standpoint: Nice piece by Chris Carlin from the Upper Deck blog.

Reaction from followers of the Habs next opponents: I happened to check in on ThePensBlog, s who had submitted a eulogy for the Capitals to Puck Daddy, this morning to see what Penguins supporters are up to.


I noted something of interest on ThePensBlog and lucked in later that the ad was still there. Take a look below and see if you can figure out what it is. It’s easy if you know your Habs. A hint: think of a goalie.


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