Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Afterthoughts on Game Three

I don’t know but last night may have been the most disgusted I ever felt as a fan of the Montreal Canadiens. Maybe it’s just the heat of the playoffs, as I’m sure there have been more disheartening moments over the years. Don’t worry, I’m not giving up on by beloved Habs, not at all. Just a little pissed off.

Instead of going on a rant that will likely contradict myself three times over, and the fact I’m short on time today, I thought I’d skim the good old WWW to see how others have been feeling.

First up, Dennis Kane gives his brief yet defining look back at Monday’s disaster.

Next my buddy Abe Hefter from CJAD gives his evaluation. Abe notes what was mentioned during the second intermission on TSN, that it didn’t matter who was in goal in the second period. The team simply pulled a disappearing act. Abe also sees Carey Price in for Game Four.

On that note, Robert Lefebvre asks you who you feel should be in goal, Price or Halak?

Before you vote, here’s what the two goalies said after Tuesday practice:

Halak: “We had a good first period. We had some chances and we didn’t score. It wasn’t the start we wanted in the second period. It still could be a long series. We’ve gotta put it behind us and start fresh tomorrow.”

Carey Price on the Capitals attack: “That’s their bread and butter, shooting pucks, getting pucks at the net and crashing the net. That’s why they scored 100 goals more than we did.”

…and on handling the crease crashing: “I’m a pretty big boy, I can handle myself. That could be advantage us. If they’re still coming to the net and we don’t retaliate, we could be drawing penalties.”

The entrenched blogger Arpon Basu, of the Daily Hab-it , says it’s not time to jump off the ledge, yet. You can also find a link to his CBC blog, in which he gets no credit for by name on the site – just sayin’, and his CP article there as well.

Oh Canadiens has a playoff beard contest going. Here’s the latest entry. I always saw MetricJulie more as a goatee gal myself.

Canadiens coach Jacques Martin has been under the gun from Robert, myself and other fans and bloggers alike in the past several days.

Scott Burnside, whos is covering the Capitals/Canadiens series for ESPN, seems to back some of our feeling that Martin lacks in emotion in his Tuesday writeup.

On the good side, there are reports that Martin has contacted the playoff series supervisor regarding the bumping of his goalies, and was more in conversation with referees during the game. I didn’t realize JM was a subscriber to my feed.

Nonetheless, Kyle Roussel has given us 22 reasons to fire the Habs bench boss. Four Habs Fans already have a replacement in mind. Could he be any worse?

Martin was observing the Capitals practice, on Tuesday morning, that focused primarily on a Washington power play that is 0 for the playoffs. Did Martin learn anything to counter it, or will Ovechkin and company light it up with the man advantage? Why do I sense the latter?

Canadiens.com has five keys to Game Four. This is rather interesting as it relates to the  post that I will have up Wednesday morning.

That’s it for today. I’m off to my last pick-up game of the season before they tear out the ice at the local rink.

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