Thursday, August 12, 2010

Habs chat from Lapierre, Subban, Cammalleri and more!


Maxim Lapierre hosted his charity golf tournament on Thursday, with proceeds going towards the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation.

Celebrities appearing at the tournament included teammates Scott Gomez and P.K. Subban.

RDS’ Pierre Houde and Chantal Machabee, Minnesota Wild Winger Guillaume Latendresse, former Habs player and coach Mario Tremblay, and the St. Louis Blues David Perron were other notables in attendance.

Perron is bragging on Twitter that he won the chipping contest, but the big winner was the Children’s Foundation, which received over $50,000.

While golf and charity were obviously the important topics of the event, the host spoke to CKAC on Carey Price and the Jaroslav Halak trade.

Loosely translated to English, Lapierre was not surprised to see the trade happen.

"I would have done the same thing,” he said “I expected that one of the two would leave, and I expected they would keep Carey Price.”

Lapierre went on to emphasize the support of him and his teammates in Price. “The organization and us, his teammates have tremendous confidence in him,” he said. “It had perhaps not been his best season, but he grew up there and now he has the net. He’ll show us what kind of stuff he has.”

“Last year, the games where Carey was there for us, we were not there for him and when things went badly, we were not better,” he added. “There were games where he made many saves and we only scored one goal and nothing changed.”

Lapierre is also not in panic mode, as many fans are, that Price has yet to come to a contact agreement with the Canadiens, “Am surprised that Carey is not yet under contract?  Yes and no. But I'm not worried. I'm pretty sure they are getting a deal before training camp.”

Lapierre’s off-season activities were also featured today on

Catching up with P.K. on the course: CKAC also got a hold of P.K. Subban at the Lapierre tournament. Here’s the link to the interview.

Subban notes that the Canadiens have not told him to look for an apartment just yet, and he has no intention to until training camp is underway.

More Cammi Radio!!: Lapierre’s teammate Mike Cammalleri chatted with Calgary’s The Team960 on Thursday afternoon.

Most of the chat is similar to his other recent radio appearances (the team’s recent success, Carey Price, etc.), but the Canadiens winger was rather open on him not re-signing last summer with the Calgary Flames.

“They made some moves at the Draft (the Olli Jokinen trade) which put them into a situation where they didn’t have much money to spend, but it made me think of where I might fit in.” he said. “They (Flames management) always treated me with respect. There was never any harsh negotiation of any kind, and it never worked out.”

Cammalleri also talked about the change in playing markets, going from Los Angeles to Calgary and then to Montreal, where the Canadiens are basically a religion.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for the history of the organization, and the level of excellence they’re used to,” he said. “I try and use it as a motivator to do the best you can. It’s been fun so far.”

The interview closes on the Habs captaincy, his leadership roll with the team and the upcoming Heritage Classic game in February.

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