Sunday, August 8, 2010

Looking at the past few days of Habs blogs

In terms of actual Habs news, there hasn’t been much officially in the last few days, outside of a lot of drooling over Louis LeBlanc’s performance at the World Junior Camp.

The off season is a great time for bloggers like myself to come up with some new projects, or actually have a life and take the summer off. In my case, it’s a little of both but more of the former.

Outside of my own little corner of the Habs blogging world here, I’m also contributing to as their Toronto Sports Memorabilia reporter. Here’s a piece I did there on the 2010-11 hockey card season, that already has product out!

I also spent the weekend working on another project with my fellows at HabsEyesOnThePrize, but I have some stories and projects on the way in a few days at the YTHR mother ship.

In the meantime here’s what my astute fellow bloggers, who continue to work hard at it, have come up with.

Before I forget to mention, it’s Ken Dryden’s birthday! You’d think with his Liberal Party connections, my petition to make it a statutory holiday in Canada would have been passed in the House of Commons by now.

Now on to some interesting Habs blogs. First up is Kamal Panesar at Kamal has come up with two great concepts for his site. His blog now offers contributors in both English and French, and he’s recently added a he said/she said segment, that should bring some interesting views from the opposite sexes.

A second excellent post comes from Kyle Roussel, who puts an end to the Simon Gagne to the Habs talk, once and for all…hopefully! An extra shoutout to Kyle, who was a guest on the Team990’s Franchise show over the weekend! Nice work Kyle!

Breaking down the Habs prospects: Steven Hindle, a regular at Hockey Buzz, has  spent his week breaking down the Canadiens future at center, wing and on the blueline.

More from the scrapbook: One of these days, I have to meet and sit down with Dennis Kane and look through these scrapbooks of his! Here’s another edition of treasures.

Way too much free time?: I gotta admit, had I pursued a degree in mathematics, instead of pissing it away drinking beer, I probably would have spent my life generating information such as Michael Whitehouse has done here. This is exceptional detail, and I wonder if even NHL scouts have this much information.

Michael has broken down Carey Price’s goaltending in the last post season, amongst some other topics. It parallels some of the comparisons done last season from Chris Boyle at HabsEyesonThePrize.

It will be interesting to see both Chris and Michael’s statistical analysis of the upcoming season.

Better late than never: J.T gets all poet-like in a tribute to the Habs playoff run. My guess it took her a few weeks longer to compose when she realized she couldn’t get something to rhyme with Spacek.

Habs Group Tickets: For those looking to get a group together for a game at the Bell Centre, the submission period, and sales starts this week. Three and 10 game mini packs will likely go on sale the following week, once the groups are all assigned.

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