Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Jacques Plante biography: A must read for all hockey fans


Fifty years after he changed the world of hockey, a complete biography of hockey’s most important goalie is set to be released.

Jacques Plante: The Man Who Changed the Face of Hockey, gives a complete look into the life of one of the greatest men to stand between the pipes.

in his first book, author Todd Denault left no stone unturned in his research to give us insight into Plante’s life, from a prodigy teenaged player to the pinnacle of greatness in the NHL and well beyond.

Mr. Denault, a freelance writer and member of SIHR (The Society for International Hockey Research), realized that outside of a book Plante co-authored in 1971, that there was no full-scale biography on the Hall of Famer.

Denault spent countless hours researching books, interviews and newspaper articles devoted to the hockey legend. He also spoke to over forty individuals (a virtual whose who of teammates, coaches and journalists) who played with, or against him, coached or documented his career and game up with a fascinating biography.

Most of Plante’s story is publically known for his time and experiences with the Montreal Canadiens, but Mr. Denault captures his entire life in true essence.

From his first goalie stick, carved out of a branch by his father, to his first retirement from the NHL, his return to play with St. Louis, Toronto, Boston and Edmonton (WHA), and final retirement at age 46, the author covered all aspects.

While Plante’s worldwide claim to fame is donning a mask on a regular basis, after that famed day on November 1, 1959, the reader also learns of the legends other noted contributions that revolutionized the game and how the role of a goaltender has evolved.

Mr. Denault even looks into Plante’s post-playing career where he again changed the game as the first goaltending coach in the NHL with the Philadelphia Flyers and later returning to Montreal.

The book is a must read for any hockey fan (not just Canadiens fans) and the Mr. Denault is to be commended on bringing it to light.

Jacques Plante: The Man Who Changed the Face of Hockey will be available at all major books retailers (conventional and online), in both French and English, on October 27.

Online ordering info, and more information, can be found on the publisher  McLelland and Stewart’s website.

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