Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Calling on Habs fans and friends to lend a helping hand


Well Ya!The Habs Rule! is unofficially a year old (This site first popped up sans domain name last April) and over the months it’s grown in popularity and I’ve made some great friends and contacts over that span.

You will now notice that I am adding some pages across the upper navigation bar. These will gradually be filled over the coming months as time allows.

The one page that is up and running is the CHARITIES page. I’ve already added some links to some popular charities, amongst the Canadiens organization, along with some others that I am personally involved in.

As the world’s financial situation is in one of it’s most unstable moments in history, times can be tough for many to lend a helping hand. But if you can, donating to any of these events or organizations is greatly appreciated.

Don’t forget, you can always donate your time to some of these as well as other organizations. If you have another one to suggest, please send me an email.

I want to pass on another great organization that came to my attention today.

The MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Foundation is holding it’s third annual golf tournament on June 2 at Le Club Laval-sur-le-lac.

The Foundation’s goal is to continue to fund excellent rehabilitation services and programs offered at the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre that are not presently covered by Government grants. The Centre's programs and services enable and empower clients of all ages with vision and hearing impairments, and to children and youths with motor, communication, vision and hearing impairments.

CJAD’s “Voice of the Habs” Rick Moffat is this year’s Honourary Chairman. It could be a bitter-sweet moment for Rick as a continued Habs playoff run means he may not make it. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to miss it.

More information on the tournament, including  sponsorships and player registration,  or just how do donate or sponsor a kid for camp can be found here. You can also contact them by calling 514-488-0043 or via email: events@mabmackay.ca

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