Monday, May 17, 2010

Flyers fans take one huge step back for fankind


Dan Carcillo’s sister-wife is scheduled to perform at Chez Paree during Games Three and Four while the Canadiens take on the Flyers

I have to admit something. I’m really disappointed in Philadelphia Flyers Fans. It seems like they’ve lost their edge.

I think the days of the “Broad Street Bullies” Flyers fans are long now gone. Where are the days when they taunted, or even fought, the opposing players? It just seems to have vanished.

While watching Game One if the Eastern Conference Final, I noticed very little energy from the Wacovia Center crowd for the full 60 minutes. Now granted, I’m only limited to what HNIC chooses to show.

When the Flyers scored they got excited, then sat down. When the period/game ended they got excited, then sat right back down. They even mimicked the Habs to no avail with their low volume Ole-Ole-Ole chant. Didn’t work.

Other than that, there wasn’t very much throughout the rest of the game. The Flyers schooled the Habs 6-0 and the home town faithful hardly let them have it, even when Halak got pulled. Instead they sat in their seats, in their Orange Crush t-shirts, for most of the game.

Maybe it was a bitter-sweet night for Flyers fans, seeing the Habs handed Philly their asses on a platter 34 years to the day with a four-game sweep in the ‘76 Cup Final.

Even Montreal can fill their home arena, while their team is on the road, and blow you guys away in terms of decibel level.

It’s as if Flyers fans have pulled a Sami Salo and lost a testicle. Have they become civilized, leaving the “rude,anthem-booing” Canadiens fans to fend for their own? Say it ain’t so!

Mind you they feebly attempted some redemption by slashing the tires and stealing the license plate of a Montreal journalist’s car. Wow, you really showed him!

But at least they proved their lack of intelligence is still intact by insulting the French-Canadian RDS TV crew, while wearing Flyers jerseys that had French-Canadian players’ names on them! Genius!

I think Flyers fans need to get their killer instinct back. It’s like someone needs to tell them how lame it is that they rely on a video of a long-dead Kate Smith singing “God Bless America” to get them riled up because their anthem singer can’t get through the whole song on her own.

By the way, Ms. Smith sang at the afore-mentioned May 16 game in 1976. Some good luck charm.

C’mon Flyers fans, show us what you’re made of.

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