Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let’s get “Feels like ‘93” in the Bell Centre


Annakin Slayd’s 2010 version of “Feels like ‘93” saw a huge spike upon it’s re-release just over a week ago. It now sits at over 58,000 hits on YouTube. Shortly after the Montreal Canadiens Game Seven victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins, it was at 46,000!

Popular? Hell yes it is! It’s getting airplay across Montreal and as this is written, Annakin is going nationwide on CBC Radio.

So wouldn’t this be a great video to see on the Bell Centre Jumbotron during the pre-game of the Eastern Conference Finals?

That’s where the fans need to help out. Annakin has reached a dead end so far in getting the Canadiens organization to use his song/video.

Time for the fans voices to be heard in this online petition. There’s no registration required. You just leave your name, email and a comment if you choose.

Hopefully the Canadiens brass will listen to the fans. Besides, it’s his birthday today. Let’s give the guy a great gift and throw him some support.

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